Acton-Lee Letter 1866 Correspondence between General Lee and Lord Acton over the cause of America's Civil War
American Documents 1776 - 1965 Actual images of the original documents including the "Declaration of Independence" and the "Constitution"
Bretton Woods July 22, 1944 From Yale Law School: the articles of agreements for the post WWII international gold exchange standard
Crime of 1873 1873 The history of events surrounding the "demonetization of silver enacted by the Coinage Act of 1873"
National Bank Act 1864 Act that enabled the Treasury to back the US currency with debt, de facto centralizing the banking system
FDR Proclamation 1933 Image of the front page of the NY Times on the fateful day of March 6th's gold confiscation, contesting property
Federal Reserve Act 1913 Part of a general and final consolidation of powers for the Federal gov't that began in the mid 19th century
Federalist Papers 1787-1789 Principal arguments in favor of the U.S. Constitution supplied by Project Gutenberg (Hamilton, Madison, Jay)
Anti-Federalist Papers 1787-1789 Arguments against the ratification of U.S. Constitution by various authors, most of whom used a pseudonym
History of Liberty 106BC - 1982AD Key articles, declarations, laws, letters, pamphlets, and speeches about liberty - from
Howard Buffett 1948 Speech by Congressman Howard Buffett of Ohama: "Human Freedom Rests on Gold Redeemable Money"
Jefferson's Papers 1829 - 1904 The authoritative and comprehensive edition of the correspondence and papers of Jefferson - Princeton
Money & Trade... 1705 "Money and Trade Considered" - monetary proposal by John Law published in 1705 AD - McMaster University
Plaza Accord

Sept 22, 1985

Monetary accord between central banks and finance ministers of France, U.S., Germany, Japan and U.K.
US Constitution 1792 From with minimal annotations and no local links other than among this document set
Washington Agreement

Sept 26, 1999

15 European banks agree to limit leasing activities and analysis from USA Gold in the Guilded Opinion



The Damn'd South Sea Harvard Magazine Britain's greatest financial speculation and its unhappy ending
The Great German Inflation Bruce Bartlet Mann said it was a straight line from the Great German inflation to WWII
The Discovery of Gold Gnl John A. Sutter An account of the first discovery of gold, in 1848 California
Extraordinary Popular Delusions... Charles MacKay Published in 1841 by Charles Mackay - case studies of popular delusions
Gold & Economic Freedom Alan Greenspan 1st published by Ayn Rand in 1966 - on the state's opposition to gold
History of Money Glyn Davies A collection of works surrounding the subject of money and its history
History of Economic Thought Website A categorization of the various economic schools through history
History of Currencies Bryan Taylor Historical overview of currencies all over the world by GlobalFinancialData
America: Republic or Democracy Herbert Titus Senior Legal Advisor to the Liberty Committee on intent of constitution
American Currency Exhibit FRB San Fran Graphical illustrations of various American currencies since 1777
Human Action Ludwig von Mises Mises' main theoretical contribution - a scientific foundation for economics
Liberty and Property Ludwig von Mises Originally delivered as a lecture at Princeton University, October 1958
Manipulation of Money & Credit Ludwig von Mises A series of essays collected between 1923 - 1933 including one in 1946
Interventionism Ludwig von Mises Originally published along with the prequel to Human Action in 1940
Socialism Ludwig von Mises The seminal work that devastated the socialist ideal and transformed Hayek
Theory of Money & Credit Ludwig von Mises Mises completed the theory of money and revived the Austrian school
Economics, Science & Liberty Hermann Hoppe How Rothbard connected the three, via an economic theory of the state
America's Great Depression Murray Rothbard On the true causes; the Austrian trade cycle theory in action (PDF)
Austrian Theory of Money Murray Rothbard Twenty-four page summary of significance of Mises' work (PDF)
Case for 100% Gold Dollar Murray Rothbard The way back to a gold standard without catastrophe for the public
End of Socialism... Murray Rothbard Economic calculation debate that Mises won revisited and completed
History of Money/Banking in US Murray Rothbard The most extensive work of its kind covering Colonial Era to WWII
Keynes, the Man Murray Rothbard A devastating expose and criticism of Keynes as a politician and worse
Legacy of Liberty Murray Rothbard On the free market everyone earns according to his productive value...
Milton Friedman Unraveled Murray Rothbard Friedman, founder of Monetarist School; roots to the Chicago School
Origins of the Federal Reserve Murray Rothbard Section from his book "History of Money and Banking in the US"
Principles of Economics Carl Menger 1871, basis for the understanding of value, utility, money, market process
Gold Standard Walter Block Critique of Friedman, Mundell, Hayek, Greenspan - free enterprise view
Gold Standards, the State, Free Banking Ed Bugos The different kinds of gold standards and their link to free banking
Gold Standards, Two Kinds Gary North Differences between gov't guaranteed and free market gold standard
Mises on Money Gary North A crash course in the theory of the value of money and credit
What is Money? Frederic Bastiat 19th century (pre Mises) liberal philosopher-economist on money
What is a Dollar? Dr. Judd Patton Bellevue University article on the constitutional question of the dollar
What has the Government Done/Money Murray Rothbard Money in free society, and monetary breakdown of the West
Nobel Prize Internet Archive Economics Nobel prize winners in economics from 1969 to the present day
Bimetallism FX Micheloud The monetary regime which ruled the world during the 19th century
Costs of a Gold Standard Roger Garrison Roger Garrison FULLY weighs the pros and cons of a gold standard
Timeline of National Bank Website History of controversial encroachment of central banking in the US of A
Principles of Government John Locke 1690 - Concerning the true origin, extent, and end of Civil Government
Historic Monetary Episodes Paul Tustain Basic overview of significant historic monetary events
How Americans Lost Right to Gold Henry Holzer Constitutional law professor on the transformation of American society
Museum of Communism Bryan Caplan Professor of Economics compiles a museum/obituary on communism
Rand on Money Ayn Rand From best seller, "Atlas Shrugged," 'money is the root of all evil' dialogue
Revolution of 1913 Tom DiLorenzo A video on significance of the 16th & 17th ammendments, plus Fed
Whither Gold? Antal Fekete A treatise on the history of gold flows and the 'constant' utility of money


GUEST ANALYSTS (discontinued segment)

The Great Depression Jude Wanniski;
28 July 01
Fresh look at causes of the Great Depression, written by Nathan Lewis, a student of the Supply-Side University
Is Contagion Catching? Dave Lewis;
27 July 01
either US interest rates rise, justifying the exchange rate or the exchange rate falls, matching the interest rate...
Deflation/Hyperinflation Antal Fekete;
07 July 01
Ever wider fluctuations in the rate of interest and price level threaten the entire world economy with destruction
The Evil Empire Jude Wanniski;
04 July 01
Evils of greenback world; IMF safety net for banking system's own errors at the expense of taxpayers
Money and Idealism Dave Lewis;
02 July 01
When capital markets become a tool for rewarding believers in everlasting prosperity, they lose...
Kondratieff Revisited Antal Fekete;
22 Jun 01
The honorable Mr. Fekete's discussion is based on a Chapter from the his projected 3-volume treatise Credit
What Greenspan Thinks Antal Fekete;
22 Jun 01
Introduction to Dr. Larry Parks' ( new book
Buy & Hold: Myth/Truth Hans Merkelbach;
18 Jun 01
Hans operates keeping clients informed on the benefits of mutual fund investing
Holy Cow! Azteca de Oro;
12 Jun 01
Azteca de Oro is an Oil & Gas Analyst published at Le Metropole, the cyberspace cafe
Stuffing the Envelope

Sean Corrigan;
06 Jun 01

Sean discusses how conventional economists can't see how Greenspan has been fooling them
Whose Hand?

Dave Lewis;
05 Feb 01

"I fear the Federal Reserve, in rationalizing its policy decisions to the public, may be in danger of..."
A Tale of Three Lies

Antal Fekete;
11 Mar 01

Recipient of the 1996 Bank Lips Prize, author of Whither Gold? discusses deceit in monetary policy framework
Blitzkrieg, the New Paradigm Gale Bullock Bullock colorfully outlines the strategy of our banking and government elite in undermining Constitution
What a Dream! Daan Joubert;
February 2001
A fictional account of Alan Greenspan, in first person


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