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Bulls vs Bears Commentary

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Bulls versus Bears commentary is a forum where the intelligent speculator can weigh both sides of a market debate: a bullish opinion, symbolized by the bull, implies rising prices, while a bearish opinion, symbolized by the bear, implies a pessimistic outcome for the value of the asset under debate, or just lower prices. The terms were meant to describe the human interaction within a market, which exists to fairly resolve the natural conflicts that arise from two parties with diametrically opposite interests. In the old days (?), money was pooled, and prices were promoted, and the groups that worked in the market to promote prices were designated bulls... as were the masses of individuals and groups who depended on other bulls for their knowledge base. The bear is a cooperative animal... it lets bulls run around for half of the year, getting fatter, and then it comes out of hibernation. It too is a necessary animal in a market environment, else there would be no playing field.