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Plaza Accord

Sept 22, 1985

Monetary accord between central banks and finance ministers of France, U.S., Germany, Japan and U.K.
Washington Agreement

Sept 26, 1999

15 European banks agree to limit their lending/leasing activities and analysis from USA Gold in the Gilded Opinion
Washington Agreement

May 25, 1946

Near the end of WW II - Allies decided within the context of the "Safe Haven" policy to bring all German foreign assets under their control
Bretton Woods Agreements

July 22, 1944

From the Avalon project at the Yale Law School: Articles of agreements
United States Constitution current From the National Archives and Records Administration


The Great Depression Jude Wanniski;
28 July 01
Learning About the Great Depression is a fresh look at the causes of the Great Depression, written by Nathan Lewis, a student of the Supply-Side University
Is Contagion Catching? Dave Lewis;
27 July 01
either US interest rates rise, justifying the exchange rate or the exchange rate falls, matching the interest rates, a catch-22 all around
Deflation or Runaway Inflation Antal Fekete;
07 July 01
The linkage may turn the inflation/deflation cycle of Kondratieff into a runaway vibrator. The ever wider fluctuations in the rate of interest and price level threaten the entire world economy with destruction
The Evil Empire Jude Wanniski;
04 July 01
The evils of a greenback world; the IMF as a safety net for the banking system's own errors, at the expense of taxpayers, and all because of a floating dollar
Money and Idealism Dave Lewis;
02 July 01
When the capital markets become a tool for rewarding the believers in everlasting prosperity, they lose their original functionality, in effect causing their own destruction
Kondratieff Revisited Antal Fekete;
22 Jun 01
The honorable Mr. Fekete's discussion is based on a Chapter from the his projected 3-volume treatise Credit
What Does Greenspan Really Think? Antal Fekete;
22 Jun 01
A blurb on Dr. Larry Parks' new book of the same name (as this title)
Buy & Hold: Myth or Truth Hans Merkelbach;
18 Jun 01
Our friend Hans operates a website at www.strategicsector.com where he keeps his clients informed on the benefits of mutual fund investing
Holy Cow! Azteca de Oro;
12 Jun 01
Azteca de Oro is an Oil and Gas Analyst published frequently at Le Metropole, the cyberspace cafe, with substantial experience in the industry
Stuffing the Envelope

Sean Corrigan;
06 Jun 01

Sean discusses how conventional economists can't see how Greenspan has been fooling them
Whose Hand?

Dave Lewis;
05 Feb 01

"I fear the Federal Reserve, in rationalizing its policy decisions to the public, may be in danger of becoming a prisoner of its rhetoric"
A Tale of Three Lies

Antal Fekete;
11 Mar 01

Professor Emeritus, Memorial University of Newfoundland, recipient of the 1996 Bank Lips Prize, author of Whither Gold? dicusses the deceit in our monetary policy framework



The Damn'd South Sea Harvard Magazine Britain's greatest financial speculation and its unhappy ending
Money and Trade Considered McMaster University Monetary proposal by John Law, 1705 AD
The Great German Inflation Bruce Bartlet Thomas Mann said that it was a straight line from the Great German inflation to...
The Discovery of Gold General John A. Sutter An account of the first discovery of gold, in 1848 California
What a Dream! Daan Joubert A fictional account of Alan Greenspan, in someone else's first person...
Extraordinary Popular Delusions... Charles MacKay In 1841, Mackay writes about National delusions, using 13 historical case studies to...
History of Money Glyn Davies A terrific place to start your monetary education - Ed Bugos
America: Republic or Democracy Herbert Titus Senior Legal Advisor to the Liberty Committee discusses the intent of the constitution
Human Action Ludwig von Mises A treatise on Economics
Liberty and Property Ludwig von Mises Originally delivered as a lecture at Princeton University, October 1958
On the Manipulation of Money & Credit Ludwig von Mises A series of essays collected between 1923 - 1933 including one in 1946
A Legacy of Liberty Murray Rothbard On the free market everyone earns according to his productive value...
What has the Government Done/Money Murray Rothbard Money in free society & monetary breakdown of the West
History of Central Banking Mark Bernkopf A terrific place to continue your monetary education!
Nobel Prize Internet Archive Economics From 1969 to the present
Federalist Papers Hamilton, Madison, Jay Principal arguments in favor of the U.S. Constitution
Anti-Federalist Papers 1787-1789 Principal arguments against ratification of U.S. Constitution
The Crime of 1873 FX Micheloud Episode of American monetary history that is marked by the demonetization of silver
Bimetallism FX Micheloud The monetary regime which ruled the world during the 19th century
The Costs of a Gold Standard Roger Garrison Garrison weighs the pros and cons of a gold standard
Shades of Totalitarianism: Mussolini/FDR Srdja Trifkovic Paper presented at The Rockford Institute’s conference “The Rise (and Fall?) of Modern Italy and the United States,” Cernobbio (Lake Como), May 25, 2000
Blitzkrieg Appraising for the New Paradigm Gale Bullock Nicknamed Ole Bear and a Real Estate appraiser by vocation Mr. Bullock colorfully outlines the strategy of our banking and government geniuses in undermining the tenets of the US Constitution. The game is Global Lender Monopoly, and it is afoot.

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